The Frozen Butt Hang,
a Minnesota tradition since 2011!

Photo by Ryan Viney, aka Hillbilly Deluxe

What is the Frozen Butt Hang, exactly?

The hang is an annual winter camping event which takes place on Minnesota's north shore of Lake Superior, focusing mainly on hammocking (though ground-dwellers are of course welcome to join in). In the past, the hang was located west of Finland, MN, in the Superior National Forest. However, a few years ago the event moved to the Sawbill Lake campground north of Tofte, MN, in order to make things less intimidating for first-time campers.

Why do you do this to yourselves?!

For some people, three seasons of camping is plenty. You can listen to the raindrops hit your tent's rainfly in spring, sleep under the stars in the summer months, and crunch through the fiery carpet of fallen leaves as autumn sets in. To many, winter is a time to stay indoors, wrapped in a blanket and clutching a mug of hot cocoa by the fire. However, we live in Minnesota, and there's one season we're known for more than any other. We don't want to spend 5 months cooped up indoors, when there's a vast wilderness up north begging to be explored.

Sawbill campground